About Michelle

Hi friends–including friends I haven’t met yet!  I am a Minnesota transplant who loves the Midwest but loves the west coast even more. 🙂

My family of origin pictured right here is super fun and close.  We all love each other and good food a lot!

family(That’s me on the far right.  Yup.  I’ve always been a looker.)

Even though my mother had our hair cut like this, we all moved out to California as adults to raise our families in the sunshine together.  My brother and one of my sisters have six kids between them who all attend the same elementary school.  My parents live 10 doors down the street from me.  Besides my one sister who is raising her family in Tahoe, we all gather pretty much every week for dinner and extended family fun.  Yup.  We’re cute.

One more thing I’d like to share is that my grandma Millie and Grandpa Bennie (my mom’s parents) were very special to me, and still greatly influence my parenting and lifestyle choices while residing in heaven.  Here is a random candid shot taken just before I got married.

grandmaPlease disregard the wine glasses you see in the fore ground.  I have no idea why those are there.

I have three incredibly amazing kiddos with less than three years between’m  but it makes my husband, Mike, nervous for me to post their images online.  So, when you see them it will be from the back, side or far away.  Sorry.

three Also, they are so dang cute I’m afraid that if I post them up close and personal you’ll all get jealous and that would be a shame.

Mike and I have been married for 15 fabulous years.  In one of my more classy moves I picked him up in a bar 18 years ago where, after a mutual friend pointed the stunning 20 something brunette (aka: ME) on the dance floor he declined to approach me… I eventually dragged him out there and after two weeks he practically proposed which I then declined…  We eventually got our timelines in sync and decided to make a go of this wonderful life together.  Best decision I’ve ever made.

first photo We still go dancing all the time (not) and paint the town red (not that either) and generally make a regular effort to enjoy life (this still, yes!)  Love you baby!!!

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