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I’m happiest when I’m in my kitchen, stirring up something de-lish for my beautiful family of five and at least a few cousins, neighbors or friends.  Throw in a glass of wine next to my cutting board and I’m in heaven…

My life’s journeys and relocation from southern Minnesota to southern California have certainly seasoned my approach for cooking good food for my three young children and dreamboat husband. 

Years ago, my favorite challenge after an exhilarating day of teaching elementary school was to hit some exotic spice shop and whip up something cool for my husband and friends.  Fast forward a few years… mother of three… special trips to exotic spice shops not so much…

 While my love of good food has not wavered, my approach to cooking certainly has.  These days I don’t even consider recipes with more than 10 ingredients!  I mean seriously.  Like I have time for eleven ingredients

So here I am today: a “Calisotan. ” While I wouldn’t trade the sunshine and glorious lifestyle of Southern California for anything, I cannot deny that beneath it all, I’m still from Minnesota.  I’m pretty thrifty and a little corny by west coast standards.  I say “good morning” to strangers on a morning walk, plan block parties and love pot luck meals.  My meal planning skills and parenting style is influenced greatly by my family, including my grandparents.  And no matter how many adventures I seek, at my core I’m a homespun girl.

I invite you to follow my blog filled with food, family and adventures.  I believe we all hold the potential to learn the importance of proper and tasty nourishment, how to cook, organize our time to effectively meal plan, and find a way to enjoy our time together at the table. 

Let’s rediscover a life of good food!


6 thoughts on “More about me

  1. not too many trips to the exotic spice shops any more? sad but understandable. how about a field trip sometime soon though? that would make a fun meet and greet after building up an on-line following. best of luck michelle! i will enjoy following the blog

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