Hi!  I’m a former teacher, M. Ed. and mother of three.  Drawing upon my professional experiences with children and life experiences with kids and adults, I’ve distilled my professional training, favorite behavior theories and nutritional savvy into streamlined, information packed workshops designed to improve your diet and your life.

I offer you my friendly hand and expertise on effective ideas regarding meal planning, time management, organization and problem solving to make your eating lifestyle the healthiest—and most enjoyable—it can be.  With the right approach it is possible to spend less money, time and energy preparing healthy and delicious food your family will love!

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The Standard Workshops, below, taught in either small or large group settings, run 60 -90 minutes, depending on client needs.  Workshops are taught in my home or can be brought to yours if you prefer.

Personalized workshops can also be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual or small group clients.  Contact me and we’ll see what needs you’d like to address!

Private Kitchen Coaching is customized to meet the exact needs of each client.  My goal is to teach the skills necessary to live a life of good food (so if you’re looking for a chef to come over and prepare a one-shot gourmet meal and then leave, you’re on the wrong blog!)  Instead, while we prepare tasty, healthy food together, I’ll teach you the many skills I’ve developed to empower you to make healthy eating a part of your life forever.

Workshop/Private Coaching fees: My standard rate per client is $50.00, including materials for groups up to 4 or so clients.  I do love a good bargain though, so in that spirit I’m happy to negotiate for groups of 4 or more.  I should mention that I always cook for my workshops…

Rent a Mama: Welcoming a new baby, planning for surgery or facing another temporary life challenge?  Hire ME to come be your mother’s helper at the table!   We all need mama sometimes…

For larger audiences with PowerPoint presentation, a flat rate can be obtained.  Kinda’ depends on where you are and a few other details.  We’ll work something out!

Kickin' it in the kitchen with some fun mamas!

Standard Workshops with Michelle:

I. Meal Planning 101: Do you want to prepare healthy and tasty meals for your family but need some practical techniques to make it a reality?  Are you concerned about your family’s eating habits but feel unsure about how to make positive changes?

Knowledge of basic nutrition and good recipes are a start, but this workshop will give you the tools to transform the way you approach food in your home.  Knowing what to do is only the beginning, knowing how to do it is what can make a difference in your life.

This workshop touches briefly on the basics of proper nutrition and then through discussions on meal planning techniques, time management tips and rethinking organizational styles dives into how to get it all done!

II. Come to the Table: OK, so, you understand the basics of proper nutrition and you’ve got a handle on getting healthy food to the table.  But how the heck do you get your kids to eat it!?

In this workshop we’ll delve into my tried and true tips for getting that healthy food into those little bodies with a smile.  I pull from my favorite behavior theories and combine the book-smarts with my practical parenting experience.  Over the past 8 1/2 years I’ve addressed some serious dietary issues of my own children, trouble-shooted everything from broccoli strikes and atrocious table manners to food allergies and reflux with my two local sisters and our combined nine children.

You can believe me when I say: I have given meal time a lot of thought!

It is possible to enjoy a healthy meal with a toddler.  Come be amazed…

III. Thinking Outside the Lunch Box: They’re off to school and away from your supervision at the table.  Plus your kids are now influenced by numerous people and media regarding food choices and eating habits.  Combine these changes with the fact that preparing lunches to go can be very time consuming, and you’ve got the potential for frustration.

How can you create nutritious, satisfying and not-too-time consuming meals that can be taken on the go?  In this workshop I’ll share some of my “out of the lunch box” ideas, resources for the future, and help tie it all together with a regular daily approach to healthy eating for all kids and adults.

IV. Homemade Baby Food: This is one of my favorite workshops (OK, they’re all my favorites, but I really love babies!)

Babies lack experience, but they still know a good thing when they taste it.  You’ll be surprised at how simple and rewarding it is to make your own homemade food for a baby you love.  At this workshop we’ll make some baby food together, discuss healthy eating habits for babies and how to incorporate new eaters into the family eating routine.  Together we’ll trouble shoot food worries that many mothers face and leave all participants armed with the skills to make homemade baby food with confidence!

V. Scrounge: I have to admit this strangely named workshop gives me a serious rush!  Invite me over to your home and together we’ll rummage through your refrigerator and cupboards to whip up something good to eat.  Most people are surprised at what can be created from even the smallest list of random ingredients.

I’ll put my intuitive cooking skills to the test and show you how to use your instincts, the internet and a little ingenuity to scrounge up a whole ‘lotta yum!


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