First to the Curb!

I don’t mean to brag, but before noon today, Dec. 26, my Christmas tree was already hauled to the curb.

I love Christmas, don’t misunderstand.  I just hate looming big ol’ projects; like undecorating the tree and house, carefully wrapping and repacking up the ornaments, lights, and glittery things that have been adorning my home for the past month.

And then there’s the fun of lugging all my green and red storage boxes back upstairs to the storage closet and arranging them all like a Chinese puzzle so everything fits properly for another 11 months.

The same tree that, 3 1/2 weeks ago, was aglow with the fragrant promise of the joy of Christmas, was getting ready to wilt like a bouquet of flowers the week after Mother’s Day.  What can I say?  That’s just not the mood I’m going for today.

The only way I know how to avoid the stress of looming projects, is to tackle them before they loom for too long.  So, as has become my personal (albeit odd) Christmas tradition, I rolled up my sleeves (made my kids roll theirs up too) and  did what had to be done before anyone could say “ex-x-mas!”

So there.  It’s done.  I just ran to the market and while you can tell Christmas is over by the palpable relaxed post-holiday vibe in the air, I looked carefully and saw not a single other Christmas tree on any other curbs.

Mine’s the only one!


One thought on “First to the Curb!

  1. Your post made me think of Christmas at our house in past years…back in the day, our tree would have been out that day too. I always enjoyed the Christmas tree and decorations but once the gifts are opened and put where they belong, it’s time to put all those beautiful decorations back in the storage boxes until the next year……

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