I Do Not “Heart” Organizing


I do not “heart” organizing.  Have you seen the blog I Heart Organizing?  I was stumped when I came across this beauty (it really is a great blog.)  I mean I do have a couple of girlfriends who actually enjoy sorting and labeling, but I didn’t think it was, like, a thing.

I mean; seriously.  Who else likes to organize?  Jen Jones.  That’s who.  I fear this woman just a little.  I admire this woman a lot.  I tried to be annoyed by this woman, but she actually seems lovely.  Gracious even.  Darn.

I will say this: I do heart being organized, which is close.  The task of organizing is not enjoyed by one Ms. Michelle Calva-Despard, but I acknowledge the benefits of an organized life, so I do what I gotta do.

See my pantry, above, for example.  It’s organized–but I didn’t get a big kick out of making it or keeping it that way.  And although my canned goods are facing front over here and my baking supplies are together on the same shelf, you will never–ever–find my dried beans in uniform Pottery Barn glass jars with a little chalk label and stylish printing stating the contents on the front.  No.  No.  No.

I do have this one kitchen drawer, over by the phone, that would likely give Jen Jones nightmares for a month.  I stay on top of the other closets and cupboards in my home but for some reason allow this drawer to exist a little like Mary Poppins’ bottomless bag, except, uh, there’s not really much magic in there…

The rest of my house though, I think Jen Jones would dig.  Sure.  Why not?  I’ll bet she’d really “heart” what I got simmerin’ on the stove top!  Over a glass of wine she could relax in my sunny kitchen and tell me about her repurposed milk bottles she made into a chandelier now featured on the cover of BH&G  and I could scrounge up a great soup.

“So glad to have you ‘kickin’ it in the kitchen’ with me, Jen!  Ha, ha, ha!  Yes.  I is nice to have reached 40,000 followers just like you.  Yes.  You and I do have a lot in common.  You need a pen to copy down my stellar recipe?  Sure.  Wait!  NO!  Not that drawer!!!”


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