Why? WHY!!!???

cookie bar

Why did I do it?  What was I thinking?  It’s me: non-baking-Michelle.  I was persuaded.  Pushed even. 

Carissa of At 350 Degrees practically made me do it.  I mean she signed on to follow my blog so it would be rude of me to not at least try one of her baked demons, right?  And I’m nothing if not polite, right?  (Carissa’s in high school, by the way.  Remember high school metabolism?  Yeah, me too.  A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…)

So I decided on the “amazing M&M cookie bars.”  I actually picked these because I don’t much care for M&M’s (unless they’re in really yummy cookie bars, it turns out…)

So there I was.  Baking.  Yes B-A-K-I-N-G.  And measuring (pretty much) and then next thing I knew… I was tasting.  And tasting.  And… I think you get the picture.

Argh!!!  This is the other reason I hate baking.  My form of willpower is to not create fattening treats in the first place.  I’m unfamiliar with the protocol once the first layer of defense has been breached!

Were they good?  Um, yeah.  Really good.  I will agree and label them “amazing.”  Nobody who is home for any length of time alone should make these bars.  It’s not a good idea and let’s just leave it at that.

My kids all had one in their lunches and all three complimented the production.

“I hope you enjoyed them” I answered, “because I’m never making them again.”

Double P.S. today:

P.S. #1= sorry I didn’t run my usual MWF schedule this week.  I wondered if my blogs were becomming tired, but Teri wagged her finger at me so I guess not…

P.S. #2 = I am definitely blogging about kale tomorrow!!!


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