Recipe for “Getting out the Door!”

baked toast

First day of daylight savings (OK, second, but first day that actually counts) and I still have a lingering virus situation.  No matter.  Thanks to the help of some friends and my inner-Grandma-Millie, the kids made it to school on time–and the bell rings at 7:45 am…

My girlfriend/angel Teri gave my family this gorgeous baked French toast on Saturday.  I literally had it in the oven yesterday morning when it dawned on me, No!  This is our motivation for Monday!  I quick grabbed it and put it back till today.  (This is what I referred to as my “inner-Grandma-Millie.”  Not everyone has this, but you can use mine for now.)

As soon as Teri reads this I’m sure it will occur to her to shoot me the recipe for this de-lish dish.  I’ll post it pronto.

My second strategy was T.V.  Yup.  “Wanna get up an hour early when it’s dark outside and still chilly in the house?”  Hmmm… “Wanna get up and watch cartoons for 15 minutes?”  Now which one would you choose?

I packed everyone’s favorite lunch (organic mac-n-cheese) and with some gentle encouragement and a few uh, gentle kicks in the behind, we made it across the street so my girlfriend/angel Lisa could deliver everyone safely to school.

Whew!  I feel like I’ve done quite a bit considering it only feels like 7:15 am right now.

Happy Day-Light Savings Everyone!  This is, despite the efforts it took this morning, my favorite time of year.


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