And There You Go

dirty floor

Well, that certainly looks appetizing, doesn’t it?  Yes.  Here at Kickin’ it in the Kitchen we strive to display the most appealing, most elegant kitchen images we can find.

Today is the Spring Equinox and it’s gotten me thinking about spring cleaning.  Oi vey.

The other day I spent the better part of my morning cleaning my house.  After what I believed to be an adequate investment in floor sweeping, vacuuming and even a quick once-over-mopping, I turned around to find this under one of my kitchen chairs.  Argh!!!!

“Cleaning the house when you have children is like shoveling the driveway while it’s still snowing.”  I read that once, and, by the way, it also applies to pets.

News flash: Housework is dull.  What really aggravates me though is that even when I tackle it (then go back and pick up the little corners of schmutz that I missed the first time) it mostly goes unnoticed by the other people who live here.  The kids don’t really see that the picture frames are no longer covered in dust and it’s pretty rare that Mike comes home and gives me a “Nice looking toilets, honey!”

Actually, what more than likely happens is that I clean a bunch of areas, but then receive a comment about the one task I didn’t get to “Can’t we get some of this paperwork off the kitchen counter?”

This weekend I plan to clean–really clean–my windows.  In case nobody related to me notices, you can feel free to compliment my work!


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