Warning: today is a “mommy post” so if you’re not up for it, consider yourself notified. 🙂

My kiddos’ school has a uniform policy.  Besides the school colors and polo guidelines, we also have school t-shirts.  I had purchased my three each a t-shirt from the old stock, but they hardly ever choose to wear them.  So when this new design (slogan and color voted upon by student body–fun!) was created, and they all three begged me to get them each one, I was hesitant.

“But you don’t wear the t-shirts you already have.”  I said.  “So I’ll buy one shirt for the three of you to share, and if you really like it, we’ll get more.” I said.  We’ll see how this goes, I thought.

My kids love this t-shirt.  It’s either in the wash or on one of their backs every day of the week.  We have an assigned rotation–I know, right?  Seriously… –now to make it fair.

“So when are you going to buy two more shirts, Mommy?” My daughter asked me this morning.  “Hmmm…  I’m not, my love.”  I said.

How many people have had this experience: You take your toddler to someone else’s house or a children’s museum or whatever.  He discovers a toy he’s never seen before and becomes so enthralled with it that it makes you misty.  You see the toy at Lakeshore and purchase it without a thought as you can’t wait for your child to have the ability to encounter, time and time again, that same engaging experience.

Soon enough, however (sometimes even later that same day!), the newness wears away and you find the toy in the bottom of the bin with all the rest.

My toddlers are now school-aged, and if I haven’t learned anything since then, what the heck have I been up to?

Why deprive my kids of the opportunity to have to wait for something special?  They’re too young to realize, but I see very clearly, that–at least in part–the anticipation is what creates the sense of satisfaction.  If each of my children had his/her own new t-shirt, they wouldn’t wear it every day.  If history is any indication, it wouldn’t take long before this shirt would be hanging in the closet alongside all its common friends.

So, I’m controlling the supply and keeping the demand–and excitement–high.  Josie already had her turn this week, Rhea was thrilled that today was her chance for the t-shirt, and Grayson can’t wait till he gets his go.

Our precious t-shirt.


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