Willy Wonka’s Garden


If Willy Wonka had a garden, he would definitely grow radishes like these:  multicolored, peppery, crunchy radishes in rainbow hues.  Oh yeah.

green-yellow cauliflower

Next to the radishes Wonka would grow yellow and green cauliflower we are pretty sure.  These colors grow naturally, by the way.  It’s the white cauliflower that has to be specially grown.

red carrots

And what sort of gardener would Wonka be if he didn’t grow red carrots like these?  Unfortunately they didn’t taste all that great by themselves, but it was fun to try’m and I used them to decorate our weekly coleslaw that I still can’t stop making (I may need to seek help soon…) and tossed some into my red sauce.  Worked fine.

My two oldest are revving up for their roles in the Spring Musical, Wonka Jr. next month.  As you can see, theater influences are infiltrating all our brains, which is fun and fine with me!

And by the way, Wonka doesn’t need to plant a magical garden.  All these produce items are available at local farmers markets right now (you know, if you’re lucky enough to live in sunny So-Cal…)

Better than a Fudge-ripple chocolate bar?  Well now… 🙂


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