Cut It Out!

Poultry shears

These are my Cutco Poultry Shears.  These shears are my favorite kitchen gadget in the universe.  Yes.  I said “universe.”

I’m actually not a gadgety-girl.  Some foodies are, but I’m a little too cheap and I often have a dickens of a time locating the gadgets I’ve already got, so if I can make due with what’s in my drawer, that’s my plan A.

(I interrupt this post with a tiny notification: you should know that I have no affiliation with the Cutco Company–including being related or even acquainted to/with anyone else who does.  I just really like this product and so I’m going to tell you about it.  Thank you for reading my disclaimer and have a nice day.)

OK.  These poultry shears were a gift.  This is a very good thing because they cost around $100.00.  I know, right?  That’s a lot of money to cut a dang chicken.

Here’s the thing though: they do soooo much more.  I use these shears at least five days a week.  I cut salad greens, sometimes fruit, the tips off green beans, I cut pizza slices–and even occasionally use them to cut poultry!

These little honeys are strong.  The knife set I got when Mike and I were married 14 1/2 years ago came with its own poultry shears.  I used to use them if my Cutco ones were in the dishwasher, but they broke so long ago I can’t even remember what they looked like now…  I replaced those cheaper shears with some (from Bed Bath & Beyond, maybe?) thinking that I should have that extra pair for emergency situations, but they eventually broke too.

My Cutco Shears can cut through bone and probably even a car door if I had the strength to propel them.

So, the hundred bucks might sound like a lot of money (OK, yes it is a lot a money) but I have had my Cutco Poultry Shears for around twelve years, use them constantly, and they are still goin’ strong.

If you don’t want to cough up such big bucks, at least make sure that when you get some poultry shears, they come apart for proper cleaning like this:

Shears apart

Yeah… You don’t want your poultry tidbits to get left behind in a little corner of the hinge or anything.  Gross!

If there’s ever a night-time emergency in our home (this is southern CA, take your pick of possible options), Mike and I have our assigned duties: He gets the girls, I get Grayson, we make a grab for the laptop with our family photos if it’s handy–and the Cutco Poultry Shears on our way out the door!  (Who knows how they might come in handy in an emergency situation?)

Whew!  Made it.


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