Final Countdown


Wow.  If Jen Hatmaker is hangin’ on by a thread, then I’m clinging to a thread’s molecule right now.  I.  AM.  COOKED.  I.  AM.  FRIED.  You can put a fork in me, cuz I is dun.

It is Monday afternoon and I’m finally posting my Monday thoughts for the week that I have religiously gotten to every Monday before 9:00 am (OK, 10:00) for the past six months–even when I was on my imagined deathbed back in March.  But sometimes, when you are the mother of three kids under the age of nine, there are factors which lie out of your type-A personality control.  I am OK with this.  Mostly.

Hopefully I can get this done before 9:00 pm.  People, this is just where I’m at today.

Three days.  Three more days till the end of the school year.  In that time I will have the pleasure–and when I look back on this it will be a pleasure–to attend a kindergarten performance and potluck breakfast, a third grade potluck  park-picnic/performance and and second grade–say it with me: potluck party.  Oh, and I am in charge of the birthday treats for the June babies (Rhea is turning nine this month) at said third grade picnic.  Sometimes I think about being bored and how nice that might be.  Do you?

I’m making a delicious egg dish for Grayson’s breakfast, which I will post later this week.  I haven’t a clue what I’m making for Josie’s party, but I don’t have to worry about that for another 24 hours, so it’s not even crackin’ the top 10 on my to-do list yet.  For the third grade birthday celebration I’m going all out.  Well, “all out” for how motivated I’m feeling right now at least.

I’m too cheap to buy store-bought-mountain-high-frosting cupcakes for 27 dollars, so I’m making my famous brownies.  They are so famous they even have a special name.  It’s called: Ghiradelli! 🙂

brownie box

The box is featured next a pile of notebooks, folders and other random academic support materials that keep coming home, day after day, by the backpack full.    There is no counter space left to get a clear shot without them and I can’t find a shovel big enough to sift through it all at the moment.  Like I said: this is where I’m at today.

Yes-sir-ee bob these delectable delights have all my favorite ingredients; things that make one proud to feed one’s family: You got your thiamon mononitrate (who doesn’t love that?) and your artificial flavor (my mouth is watering already!)  And my personal favorite: “canola or soybean oil.”  OR!!??  What the heck?

Yes, well, strugglers shan’t be picky, or something like that.  These brownies will be yummy and that is all I care about at the moment.  Really.  I don’t care about anything else.

I do have a tricky little brownie enhancing secret that I will now share with you: Add a tsp. of vanilla to the mix and then consider tossing in some extra sweet stuff.  We made three batches of brownies this afternoon.  One with white chocolate chips (pictured above), one with regular chips and one with M&M’s.  Practically gourmet by my standards at the moment and certainly snazzy enough to satisfy a pack of hungry and festive third graders tomorrow.

For some reason I have a nagging suspicion that addition to the assorted potluck party endeavors I am facing over the next few days, my family would also like meals at home, some clean clothes to wear, and a moderately clean house.

Some people are so demanding.



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