Turkey Soup

Turkey soup

(Check me out on Hometown Pasadena this week!)

Doesn’t this look delicious?  It was.  My turkey soup was super-duper yumola.

My turkey soup was also super-duper easy-peasy.

Michelle’s Turkey Soup
Ingredients: Cup or so of diced leftover turkey, leftover savory rice from the other day, 5 or so cups of turkey or chicken broth, salt, pepper, two spoonfuls of organic “Better than Boulian,” splash of white wine (optional) egg noodles.

Directions: Put everything except the egg noodles in a pot and simmer.  Add salt, pepper, wine and “better than boulian” to taste.  Cook egg noodles separately and add to soup right before serving to avoid them becoming overcooked.

Tip: The noodles are not really needed as the soup was divine without them.  I added them anyway because I had a 1/2 bag sitting in my pantry and who doesn’t like a few noodles in their turkey soup?

Final tip: Consider the order of my recipes as they have been posted (interrupted by the spellbinding story of Forgetful Rhea and the Viola)  Pretty much all I had to do to to make this soup was to throw the leftovers from a previous meal into a pot with some broth.  THAT’S IT.

I’m going to post directions for making your own soup stock from the carcass of a turkey or chicken soon too.  It’s worth the effort!


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