Mostly Kale… most of the time.

My name is Michelle Calva-Despard and I have a fairly healthy obsession with mostly healthy food. I’m not one of those nutrition Nazis who promote only 100% organic, no sugar added, nothing processed ever priced at a small fortune from Whole Foods diets.

I do what I can. I shop organic locally grown produce… most of the time. I feed my family an organic plant-based diet, few low-fat organic meats, push the legumes and whole grains… most of the time.

It’s work but it works–because I have some tricks up my sleeve so that I can hold on to a few scraps of sanity between the strategic shopping, meal planning and tasty-nutritious food prep that I love so much… most of the time.

At my house I’m proud to say I’ve found a way to make sure we eat a well-balanced diet of mostly healthy foods at pretty much every meal. And then… every once in a while Mike and I throw the kids in the car and go out for big ‘ol cheeseburgers, fries and a beer!