This Freaks Me Out


I don’t like it when fruit looks manufactured.

My mom picked up this bag of oranges for me from a supermarket and I swear every single one of those suckers looks exactly the same.

We’re eating them–I’m not enough of a nut job to toss’em or anything like that.  They taste pretty good too (which is why we’re eating them) but they still freak me out.

These oranges have no seeds.  They are quintuplets of the weirdest kind, created to grow rapidly and equally enough to fit the exact same number in each bag.   Their skins are just a little too smooth, a little too shiny and a little too similar to one another.

These oranges may or many not have been grown with GMO’s.  I can’t know for certain though as my government feels this information isn’t relevant enough to share…

Personally, I prefer Mother Nature’s approach to fruit production which includes differences and imperfections.  Craggy skins, alternative sizes, shapes, shades–this stuff speaks to me.

We’ll eat these oranges this time, yes.  But THEY FREAK ME OUT.