Somebody Stop Me!

I woke up early enough this morning to make French toast for breakfast–which is silly because we still have leftover pancakes.  I guess I’m gettin’ extra fired up about breakfast this week.  I can’t stop!

Besides French toast my family will have some farmer’s market fresh fruit (sliced oranges and pears,) some juice and for mommy: coffee.

My husband and I, both teachers, are pretty level-headed when it comes to indulging our kids.  We don’t have excessive or expensive toys and gadgets, we don’t live large in any way (we can’t: he’s a public school teacher and I’m a homemaker…) 

But I’ll admit it.  When it comes to food, my kids are spoiled. 

Check out the recipe page to see what we’ll be eating soon.  Wish I could invite you over to join us for breakfast this morning!


One thought on “Somebody Stop Me!

  1. Yes, when it comes to food your kids are spoiled. Luckily as your neighbor sometimes the “spoiling” spills over onto our front porch…thank you for the ziploc bag of holiday love in the form of French toast! Yum! You guessed it…dinner for breakfast that night. Smiles all around the table! Now…onto that recipe…

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