Somebody Stop Me!

I woke up early enough this morning to make French toast for breakfast–which is silly because we still have leftover pancakes.  I guess I’m gettin’ extra fired up about breakfast this week.  I can’t stop!

Besides French toast my family will have some farmer’s market fresh fruit (sliced oranges and pears,) some juice and for mommy: coffee.

My husband and I, both teachers, are pretty level-headed when it comes to indulging our kids.  We don’t have excessive or expensive toys and gadgets, we don’t live large in any way (we can’t: he’s a public school teacher and I’m a homemaker…) 

But I’ll admit it.  When it comes to food, my kids are spoiled. 

Check out the recipe page to see what we’ll be eating soon.  Wish I could invite you over to join us for breakfast this morning!