Beautiful Sister/Ugly Dip

bean dip

I, personally, don’t think this bowl of dip is particularly visually appealing.  The first time my gorgeous sister, Sarah, whipped it up I didn’t get my hopes up too high… And then I tasted it.

Super Bowl of yum.  In fact, yes, I took this dip to a Super Bowl Party yesterday and, as is always the case, it was a huge hit.  The kids who have had it before actually squealed when I took the lid off the top and they saw this stuff ‘cuz they know it’s so tasty.

Beautiful Sarah’s Ugly Bean Dip:

Ingredients: 3 cans of black beans, drained; approximately 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese, some chopped cilantro, approximately 12 oz. mild salsa (my kids don’t care for spicy)

Directions: Mix and serve.

Tips: The ingredient list above is a bit vague.  I have really found, though that the measurements can vary and you can still get a great dip.  Sometimes I don’t have cilantro on hand but if I can scrounge a few sprigs from my mom or another neighbor, I can make it work.  Cheese is the same story.  If you’re a bit short, you can still go for it.

Here’s a photo of the beans, cheese and cilantro before I mixed it so you can see about how much I used:

pre-bean dip

After this I just added the salsa and stirred it all up.  Dip some tortilla chips in that stuff and yummm-oh!

I make this dip on a semi regular basis.  It’s a nice hearty snack and packs some nutrition into the punch.  It’ll keep well in the fridge for a few days and we even take it on picnics and to the beach in the summer.  Enjoy!


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