Spreadin’ the Word

MOM's Club 1

Recently I’ve had the privilege of speaking with some super-cool moms at MOM’S Club of Altadena and MOM’S Club of Monrovia. (Hey Ladies!  Loved meeting with you all!)

As moms today we have modern conveniences coming out ‘our ears–so why do so many of us struggle with nutrition?

Maybe it’s because–thanks to modern conveniences–it’s so easy to pop processed foods into lunch boxes as our kids sprint out the door.  Maybe it’s because as a society we place far more emphasis on test scores than we do on eating properly.  Maybe it’s because we’re all so dang busy…

What I have learned since beginning my family-journey  nine years ago is that if you want to eat well and get your family to do the same, you have to be very intentional about it.  If you’re occasionally flipping through a magazine article or glancing around at what most people consume, well, you’ll see it’s a low bar.

I’ve seen statistics that state somewhere around 4% of children eat properly on a regular basis.  Childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes is rising so quickly that experts predict our kids’ generation will actually have a shorter life expectancy than ours.

Um… what the WHAT!?

I’m a “Generation X’er.”  What is my children’s generation going to be labeled?  “Generation heavier-die-younger?”

When I talk to moms about nutrition my message is triple motivated 1. I have a handle on easy-tasty-healthy food at my house (my kids are in that 4 %!) and I’m thrilled to share what I know.  2. I’m hoping that if more people like me do this we can, perhaps, come up with a different label for all our kids to share!

MOM'S Club 2

3. Besides reminding myself of the importance of what I do in the kitchen I always learn from other parents when I present.  It’s just as empowering to share my message as it is to get ideas from others.

Here’s to finding healthy journey for all our families–and to enjoying the experience along the way!

Making the world a better place, one meal at a time: that’s me. 🙂


Beautiful Sister/Ugly Dip

bean dip

I, personally, don’t think this bowl of dip is particularly visually appealing.  The first time my gorgeous sister, Sarah, whipped it up I didn’t get my hopes up too high… And then I tasted it.

Super Bowl of yum.  In fact, yes, I took this dip to a Super Bowl Party yesterday and, as is always the case, it was a huge hit.  The kids who have had it before actually squealed when I took the lid off the top and they saw this stuff ‘cuz they know it’s so tasty.

Beautiful Sarah’s Ugly Bean Dip:

Ingredients: 3 cans of black beans, drained; approximately 1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese, some chopped cilantro, approximately 12 oz. mild salsa (my kids don’t care for spicy)

Directions: Mix and serve.

Tips: The ingredient list above is a bit vague.  I have really found, though that the measurements can vary and you can still get a great dip.  Sometimes I don’t have cilantro on hand but if I can scrounge a few sprigs from my mom or another neighbor, I can make it work.  Cheese is the same story.  If you’re a bit short, you can still go for it.

Here’s a photo of the beans, cheese and cilantro before I mixed it so you can see about how much I used:

pre-bean dip

After this I just added the salsa and stirred it all up.  Dip some tortilla chips in that stuff and yummm-oh!

I make this dip on a semi regular basis.  It’s a nice hearty snack and packs some nutrition into the punch.  It’ll keep well in the fridge for a few days and we even take it on picnics and to the beach in the summer.  Enjoy!