This viola got left at home today by my fourth grader.  Conundrum : should I run back home today (since, you know, I’m just a homemaker so my time is limitless… sigh…) or let Rhea attend music class without it, suffer the logical consequences, etc..?

And before you start throwing me the “if she doesn’t have to suffer the consequences she’ll never learn to be responsible” type answers at me, let’s assume you don’t know the whole picture.  For example, I think it’s relevant that orchestral instruction began less than a month ago.  We’re hardly in a groove yet.

Also relevant: Rhea practiced a ton the past few days.  The whole family and likely the neighbors on all three sides have been humming “Hot Cross Buns” incessantly…

Final proof of reason to ponder my decision: Rhea did remember to put her viola out last night, right in front of the coat/backpack rack so she’d see it in the morning.  Don’t you just hate when you do things like that and then still forget?  Talk about your aggravation.

So I thought about my options as a mother this morning.  Underneath it all I am a stickler for learning responsibility, but, but, but…


OK, honey.  Here’s the deal: I’ll turn around and go back for your viola, and to thank me, you can fold the load of laundry I was going to get to but will now not have time for.

Now she’s the one pondering (Rhea hates laundry.)

Rhea laundry 2

Don’t you just love a story with a happy ending–for me, that is? 🙂

Also, next time the viola will get placed into the car the night before!


Child Labor Law Revoked in Pasadena Home

Rhea laundry

“Mommy, where is my blue and white striped shirt with the spaghetti sauce stain on it?”

“I’m not sure honey (aka: nine-year-old child who spilled the sauce down your front after I reminded you to sit forward, over your bowl, while eating…)  It may not have gotten washed yet.”

“What!!?  You didn’t even wash it yet!?”


“Thanks so much, honey, for bringing this to my attention!  Be sure to let me know if there’s anything else around here I should be aware of!”


Sock Drama

We had some before-school-sock-drama at our place this morning.  And since I fold laundry at the kitchen table (at our house, everything happens in the kitchen,) I’ve decided I can post about it.

Although I’m actually pretty caught up on laundry and although our home is actually in pretty good shape considering how busy this pre-Christmas week has been, a quick sock re-con revealed a total of 14 dirty socks between the two bedrooms of my three kids.  What the what!?

I don’t know if you know this, but the dirty socks must be placed into the dirty clothes bin if they are expected to be laundered.  I guess I forgot to mention this to my 5, 7 and 8 year olds over the course of the past 5, 7 and 8 years.  I caught them up to speed this morning.

Here’s the part that doesn’t add up though: out of 14 socks (an even number!) there were four stand-alones.  Man does that bug me.

I may be a whiz at meal planning and healthy family eating (I am, seriously–you should check out my workshops), but I will never understand how mateless socks seem to breed in my home.