Home on the Range

OK.  So, yes this label says “antelope.”  And, yes, I’m going to eat this meat and so is my family.

I got this from my sister-in-law’s brother (still with me?) who lives in Montana where hunting is akin to, well, it’s something a lot of folks do up there.

A few years ago the thought of eating Bambi’s father (yes, I know, technically not an antelope, but I’m making a point so just go with me here ….) would have saddened me.  Not so much today.  While I still have no desire to, like, put on an orange vest and pull the trigger on one of God’s beautiful creatures, the free-range-organic-meat-lover-on-a-budget in me can certainly find the beauty in accepting the gift laid before me.  Thank you, Jeffrey Johnson.

My freezer is currently stocked with approximately 20 lbs of various forms (burger, steaks, roast) of antelope and I’m pretty stoked about it. 

What does antelpe taste like?  Pretty much the same as beef, but with a slightly stronger flavor.  It’s not “gamey” like venison or other game meats I’ve eaten, although I can smell the difference when I’m handeling it raw.  Once it’s cooked, however, I dare your taste buds to even notice it’s not a more familiar form of red meat.  So far my family has happily consumed antelope in the form of cheeseburgers, fajitas and spaghetti sauce.  Really the only give away is that the antelope meat is so lean (read: really free range) that there is practically no fat after preparation, even from the ground burger.  Good stuff Maynard.

I originally got online to see about gamey-blogs for good recipes, but as this meat isn’t really a stress for my palet, I’ve resorted to just treating it like what I already know.  If you know a hunter or can get your hands on something like this, I reccomend it.  The animal led a natural life and now I can feed my family the healthiest meat possible.  Not a bad deal in the end.


Roasted Chicken Anyone?


This week at our home… we’ll be enjoying a savory citrus-y roasted chicken!  If you’d like to make one too, check out the recipe by clicking on the “recipes” page at the top of my blog and select “meat.”

I buy mostly organic meats for my family.  Who the heck can afford to feed a family of 5 organic meats?  I have found some ways to make it work on a very tight budget (Hi: my husband is a public school teacher and I am a full time homemaker.  When I say “tight budget,” I mean it!)

I would like to take a moment to remind/inform everyone reading this that I, Michelle Calva-Despard, do not choose to cook recipes with long ingredient lists nor with lengthy, painstaking steps.  Someday when I’m not up to my neck in laundry and PTA, I may return to the more exotic side of the culinary world, but for now, I’m committed to making tasty, healthy, affordable and simple-to-make meals for my familia.  Do not fear my recipes!

You can look forward to a recipe “from our home” every Monday for the time being.  We eat a lot around here, so that should keep my Monday posts humming along for a while!

With my magic wand (aka: experienced mommy brain) I can turn this roasted chicken into three or four meals for my hungry bunch.  But for today; it’s just a beautiful and tasty roasted chicken.  And by the way, it tastes as good as it looks…