Hot.  It is hot.  Cool, it is not.  How I wish it were chilly but it is hot, hot, hot, HOT.

Have I mentioned it’s hot?

People who hang out with me on a regular basis know some of my fave things in life.  Sangria is one of those things.

Sangria comes in a kajillion different ways but generally includes wine, fruit, juice and some other stuff.  While I appreciate a crisp white sangria, red is my go-to.

Lots of restaurants serve sangria and I must say that none of them make it better than I do.  (Oh no she di-‘unt just say that!)  Apparently practice does make perfect 😉 and I have finally given up ordering this when dining out as it’s just too disappointing.  Everyone tries to get all fancy-pants about it with 12-ingredient-long recipes and almost always waaaaay too much sugar.  Blech!

I even saw a restaurant in Mammoth Lakes this summer that boasted “World’s Best Sangria!”  Not even close.

Simple.  Lightly sweetened.  Refreshing and beautiful.  I have a few sangria recipes I like, including one that uses pineapple juice and spiced rum, but for now please say hello to…

Michelle’s Simple Summer Sangria

Ingredients: 1 bottle red wine, 2 cups OJ, 1 can club soda, chopped seasonal fruit (I used a nectarine and a plum here) 2 tbsp. sugar, 1-2 shots brandy or rum or triple sec.

Directions: Chop the fruit and set it in the liquor with sugar for an hour or so–longer is fine.  Chill all your ingredients and mix them all together, serve over ice (casually cute Martha Stewart glass jar optional) and smile.  You may want to add another 1-3 tbsp. sugar to taste.

Tips: Don’t break the bank on the wine.  A mediocre $5-7 bottle will do fine.  In the fall I make sangria with oranges and apples.  In the spring with strawberries and cherries.  It’s all good.  Really good.

Bonus tip: Sangria always tastes better when shared with good friends, like Dale and Lisa.  Cheers!

sangria cheers!


Mothers love Margaritas!


I made this grapefruit margarita last night (thanks, Alli, for changing my life with these!) in celebration of being one happy mama.  Plus, unlike New England where the temp dipped to below freezing yesterday, here in Pasadena it was nearing 100 degrees.  While I’ll admit I prefer the heat, for May 12 that was a bit much!

Besides something wonderful from my appreciative husband, I also received some original art:

moms day art

And a new book of The Silliest Poems in the World  for night-time reading:

moms day poetry

My favorite poem is the one about the goat with a coat (he crosses over a moat.)

Despite the ridiculous heat, I treated myself to a good morning walk–and while I was away Mike and the kids vacuumed the house!  While my undergrad Women’s Studies classmates may raise an eyebrow, this was actually my favorite gift of the day because it equals T-I-M-E.

Grape fruit Margaritas (Alli’s recipe was a bit more specific, but mine works just fine)

Ingredients: shot of Tequila, dash of triple sec, grapefruit juice, splash of blood orange soda, a lime wedge (I went without last night) and ice.

Directions: Pour in glass, stir and enjoy! (repeat as needed…)